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 “I help property buyers realize their dream of living in this magnificent city.
I couldn’t ask for more.” Mark Carr, Owner.”


If you want to buy property in the Barcelona area, you’re at the right place. My name is Mark Carr, the founder of Spain Advisors. I’m an attorney from the USA and moved to Barcelona from California in 2000. My wife and I raised two children here. The safe neighborhoods, car-free lifestyle, and sunny climate make it a wonderful place to live. There’s a wide variety of beautiful homes available at competitive prices.

We guide you through the process one step at a time from setting up visits to signing the deed. We strive to get you the best deal possible while saving you time and stress. We can also refer related services: mortgages, NIE’s, money transfer agents, architects, and immigration and tax attorneys. Send us your criteria and let’s get started!

Spain advisors buy property

Interview with Spain Advisors’ owner

Mark explains the buying process and Barcelona’s housing market.

Interview with two of our clients

New Yorkers Bill & Tess Fischer talk about their buying experience.

buy property spain

Bas Kwasieckyj of the Netherlands bought an apartment in Hospitalet in 2022.

“Buying property in a different country is not easy. Mark Carr was able to negotiate a better price for our apartment. I simply couldn’t have done it without him and I would definitely recommend Spain Advisors to anyone new to Spain.”

property barcelona

Nicola Smith of the UK bought a house in the coastal town of Calafell in 2022.

“I am super happy with Mark’s services and couldn’t have bought my first home without him. He’s a master at navigating the in’s and out’s of the process. As a first time buyer who speaks very little Spanish I was very confused and nervous, but he put me at ease, explained everything, and made sure I got the best deal possible. I already recommended him to some friends.”

Our Google Reviews

Juan Sebastian Dumont
Juan Sebastian Dumont
Mark is great advisor , we have worked on several real estate operations in Barcelona. I strongly recommend his services!
Lux JS
Lux JS
Mark assisted me through the whole process and did a great job!.
K Cordova
K Cordova
While you could figure out how to buy property in Barcelona on your own, working with Mark gives you convenience and peace of mind, which was extra important to us having just moved to the country for work. He helped us evaluate several properties, gave us invaluable referrals, and made sure the entire process ran smoothly. If you want a hassle-free experience with an expert you can trust, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Mark for the job.
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith
Mark is amazing, I am super happy with his services and couldn't have bought my first home without him. He's a master at navigating the in's and out's of the process and has the patience of a saint! As a first time buyer who speaks very little Spanish I was very confused and nervous going into this whole thing, but he put me at ease, explained everything, and made sure I got the best deal possible. I would definitely work with Mark again, and have already recommended him to some other friends who are working with him for their first Spanish property purchase.
Andrew Gausden
Andrew Gausden
We retained Mark's consulting services to purchase our first home in Barcelona. From the 1st meeting to the final settlement, he was punctual and meticulously diligent. Mark took the time to explain all of the complexities of purchasing property in Spain, often speaking to my wife and I separately in both Spainish and English. He engaged with 3rd parties on our behalf and repeatedly made himself available to broker solutions as difficulties were presented. I can earnestly recommend his services without any reservations. I am certain we saved more than his reasonable fee many times over in avoiding potential expensive pitfalls. I would not purchase any more property without his assistance. I look forward to working with Mark again.
Bas Kwasieckyj
Bas Kwasieckyj
Buying property in a different country is not an easy task. Even though it is a very formal process, Spain Advisors have kept our contact informal, the information to what was expected from me very clear and always to the point. Mark Carr was able to negotiate a better price for our apartment. I simply couldn't have done it without him and I would definitely recommend Spain Advisors to anyone new to Spain.
Noe Rodriguez
Noe Rodriguez
110% recommendable! Mark knew what questions to ask and helped us navigate through the norms of purchasing our second home in Spain.
Matthew Watt
Matthew Watt
Very different experience from buying in the UK to buying here in Barcelona. We could not have completed without Mark. Super helpful, on top of everything and made sure we had everything we would need and some. Got started right away which was nice (within a week). Can't recommend this service enough to anyone looking to buy here who is not Spanish.

Opening a Bank Account

To buy property in Spain, you must open a Spanish bank account to pay property taxes and the balance of the property price. We work with two of Spain’s largest banks: Banc Sabadell and Santander. With Banc Sabadell you can open the account with just your passport, but you will need to sign for the account in person a short time later. 

Money Transfer. Rule Number One: Never transfer money bank to bank. The banks use an unfavorable exchange rate that make it very expensive. Always transfer through a money broker. There are several on the market. We recommend Currencies Direct. They specialize in large transfers and offer excellent customer service. An agent will call you to set up the account and walk you through the process.   

Common Questions

Is 2024 a good time to buy property in Barcelona?

Yes, demand for housing is very strong and projected to increase. Several international companies have opened operations here with more planning to do so. Meanwhile, supply is limited as Barcelona lies between the sea and the mountains. Prices remain competitive compared to similar European cities.

Can you help me get a mortgage?

Yes, we can introduce you to some banks in Barcelona so you can get their lending requirements and terms. We can also recommend a mortgage broker who will sort out your documents and approach different banks looking for the best rates. As of Dec. 2023, interest rates on mortgages range from 3.5% to 5% for up to 30 years.

How do I know if the price I see online is fair?

By visiting properties and comparing them. There is no public data of prices of recently sold properties and no standard ‘market’ price as each property is unique. Sellers just pick a price and hope for the best. Sometimes the listed price does not include the agent’s fee.

Do I need legal advice to buy property in Barcelona?

It’s a foreign country with some unusual ‘home’ rules that you should be aware of. Most of our Google Reviews say it saves time, stress, and sometimes money as we have experience negotiating the price. The real estate agent might offer to represent you, but they also represent the seller. See the Buyer’s Agent article for details.

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