Searching for property in Barcelona.

Barcelona Neighborhoods.

To help you search, below are four of Barcelona’s more popular neighborhoods.
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Eixample Izquierda (Left) and Derecha (Right)

This large gridded area stretching across Barcelona was built in the late 1800s and modeled after New York City. They cut a 45º angle at the corners to create space. Passeig de Gracia, the main street, runs vertically dividing the area into Eixample Left and Right. Prices drop as you move away from there.


A separate town before the 1860’s city expansion, it retains its village-like feel with large plazas, outdoor cafes, and pedestrian streets. It’s very popular with international buyers.

Poble Nou

The sea-front neighborhood running from Villa Olympica down to Diagonal Mar bordered by calle Diagonal to the north. Twenty years ago it was a sleepy warehouse district, now it’s a highly sought-after area.


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