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Property Related Services

Arquitect Carlos Casablancas and I in a property inspecting for water damage.

Your sole contact in Barcelona

From getting a Spanish NIE to tax advice, we offer the services required to buy and own the property you have set your eyes on. We work with a mortgage expert, a currency broker, an architect, and a Spanish tax attorney. Having one contact will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Opening a Bank Account

Mortgage Advice

The Spanish NIE: Understanding the Spanish tax ID number

Mark explains the two different types of Spanish NIE’s.


Additional Services

Money Transfer

Never transfer bank to bank. Instead, use a currency broker if you want to save. We recommend Smart Currency Exchange. They specialize in large transfers for property purchases.


We  highly recommended an inspection of the structure, especially in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, where the buildings date back hundreds of years. We work with a local Catalan architect with years of experience.

Spanish Tax Attorney

Only seek tax advice from an attorney specializing in tax law. It’s a very tricky subject that requires expert attention. We work with a tax attorney who can explain Spanish tax laws as it applies to your situation.

Spanish NIE

Our NIE service is rather limited. We only help property buyers get an NIE to sign the deed and buy the property.

The Real Estate Agent

They form a close relationship with their Client, the Seller.
Their Client pays them a 3-6% commission of the seller’s price.
They usually move through the buying process quickly.

Spanish Will

If you own any property in Spain, prepare a Spanish will to ensure your assets pass hassle-free.

Change Utilities

There usually are three bills to change from the seller’s name to the buyer’s.

Deed Registration

We prepare payment of the transfer tax and register your deed with the government.

Power of Attorney

If you’re not in Barcelona, we can sign documents and act in your behalf.

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